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Leaping Ape Logistics Canada’s FBA

New route to Canada

    The North American market, with its own market potential and consumption level, has become a gold rushing destination for many cross-border sellers. With the rapid development of cross-border e-commerce, AMAZON's continued increase in the Canadian market has allowed more buyers to seize the last North American blue ocean market. As one of the important overseas markets, Canada and the United States also have a large amount of online shopping demand. As a country of immigrants, Canada has a large immigrant population settled, of which the Chinese population accounts for the second largest proportion. Various favorable factors have caused Canada's overseas market to continue to expand. The rising cost with changes in trade has become the primary cause of headaches for cross-border e-commerce sellers. Not only is the profit margin squeezed, but the delay in receiving the goods has led to constant loss of consumers. In contrast, the logistics channel between China and Canada has become the first choice for many sellers in this logistics competition due to its more affordable freight costs and higher overall stability.


    In order to provide a safer logistics channel for sellers focusing on North American sites, and at the same time alleviate the trouble caused by rising logistics costs for cross-border sellers between timeliness and cost, Amass-Leaping Ape Logistics has created new cross-border seller products. Service-First delivery to Canada FBA. According to the characteristics of Canada's geographic location, a new Canadian FBA transportation route was created by combining transportation and truck transportation to ensure stable timeliness, safety and efficiency. In the process of preparing the goods, Leaping Ape Logistics will prevent damage or omission of the goods during transportation, as well as prevent moisture and deterioration caused by placement, friction, impact or modification according to the cargo condition of the consignor. Make every effort to ensure the quality and safety of the goods, so as to avoid the worries of the seller. After the client fills in the power of attorney, the freight forwarder is sent to provide the invoice and packing list of the goods. If the seller is not convenient for delivery, Leaping Ape Logistics can also arrange pick-up service for him. During the shipping process, the seller can log in to Leaping Ape Logistics official website and use the tracking number to inquire at any time, or the freight forwarder can provide the cargo transportation status in real time, and send the cargo to the consignor's designated overseas warehouse as soon as the cargo arrives to complete the receipt.


    Leaping Ape Logistics Canada’s FBA first sea voyage, combined with the use of sea and trucks, can achieve more convenient customs clearance, no-delay terminal delivery and more stable safe passages, providing customers with one-stop double customs clearance service-door here Based on it, it can help sellers reduce shipping costs at a more affordable price and effectively relieve inventory pressure during peak seasons.