Storage and Transfer

   Overseas Warehouse New Mode

 Amazon warehouses have experienced severe manpower shortages and slow processing, which has resulted in full warehouses in many Amazon warehouses. Amazon has begun to restrict order creation. The most popular warehouses are difficult to make appointments. Even if it gets the appointment time, Amazon may be later. The entire US port is in an explosion state, and the cargo is in a state of waiting to be picked up. Many goods have arrived at the port, but they cannot be picked up. As a result, the accumulated orders have no replenishable inventory of goods.


    Due to low logistics efficiency, we still need to carry out sufficient inventory planning under the premise of slow warehousing to avoid repeated shortages. Amazon’s restrictions on order creation are the seller’s current priority. The shelf life is so slow, when the warehouse is saturated, our first reaction is to do everything possible to avoid these warehouses. We have started to add a new transportation method to temporarily store your goods in the Leaping Ape Logistic warehouse to solve the problem that goods that cannot be constructed cannot be put into the warehouse. Due to insufficient inventory, the hot items on the shelf have been damaged. Our warehouse is located in Los Angeles, USA. After successfully creating an order on Amazon, you will deliver the goods in batches to the designated Amazon warehouse.

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    The new route of temporary storage + batch transfer can effectively alleviate a series of problems caused by Amazon order creation restrictions. Improve efficiency while ensuring the supply of goods. The new model will strive to become the best partner for cross-border sellers.