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FBA Shipping+Truck

Lowest Cost

Large Volume

Strong Transportation Capacity

Fixed Shipping Schedule

MATSON/ZIM Speeder+Express

Goods shipping required

short leadtime but shipping cost lower

than air transportation

FBA Air freight+Express

Fastest mode of transportation

Value-Added Services

We can inspect your labels
as per Amazon requirements.

Canada FBA

One-stop Reliable Service

Door-to-door & Double Customs clearance

Competitive prices

Guaranteed Capacity

Vietnam eCommerce Solution

FBA shipping

e-Marketplace logistics

Customs consulting

Maximum flexibility and Customer-oriented process handling

Global Sourcing

Perfectly linking the dominant products of Southeast Asia with China cross-border e-commerce and mature markets in Europe and America, we get together with China cross-border e-commerce to break through the trade war for the non-tariff barriers to Chinese products in Europe and America, and provide full-link services such a procurement, quality inspection, trade agency, import and export, logistics, and finance from Southeast Asia.

Door 2 Door Transportation

For different products and requirements of different customers,

we offer multiple solutions and carry out the best distribution plan.

Overseas warehouse

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Restriction of Amazon order creation 

Pre-sell stocking in USA

Requirement of temporary storage

Demand for goods replenishment immediatel