Value-Added Services



As an important ID for identifying goods and selling products, labels bear all the information of relevant commodities. Your business will be seriously damaged by incorrect labels. We can inspect your labels as per Amazon requirements. If necessary, we can label your goods to guarantee that they confirm to Amazon warehousing and delivery requirements.


We can conduct transport packages for your products as per your requirements. In addition, we can repack goods in damaged packages or those failing to meet Amazon requirements.


Our professional inspectors can ensure that your goods comply with FBA requirements. In addition, they will inspect and handle relevant goods according to your requirements. We will issue professional test reports for customers and promptly and effectively dispose of unqualified goods so as to ensure schedule delivery progress.

Trade Agent Service

We have abundant experience of importing and exporting hundreds of products from over 20 industries such as textile, garments, shoes, electronics machinery, furniture, hardware, and building materials. In addition, we deal with all the aspects related to export from China and import to major countries worldwide, including taxes, customs, transportation, documents, inspection and commodity qualifications.

We provide goods inspection, Amazon labeling and palletizing according to Amazon's requirements to ensure that the goods comply with regulations and avoid any shipping problems.