Value-Added Services



We can provide cargo inspection, Amazon labelling and palletization according to Amazon's requirements to ensure that the cargos comply with the rules to avoid causing any delivery problems.


The goods will be transported directly from the consignor’s warehouse to the consignee’s warehouse. Whether the distance is close or far, or other transportation links in the process. From the receipt in the shipper’s warehouse to the delivery in the consignee’s warehouse, the transportation during this period will be borne by us, which can speed up the transportation of goods and improve the quality of transportation. And simplifies the transportation process. We provide various solutions, and implement the best distribution plan for different products and different customer needs.


As an important ID for identifying goods and selling products, labels bear all the information of relevant commodities. Your business will be seriously damaged by incorrect labels. We can inspect your labels as per Amazon requirements. If necessary, we can label your goods to guarantee that they confirm to Amazon warehousing and delivery requirements.


We can conduct transport packages for your products as per your requirements. In addition, we can repack goods in damaged packages or those failing to meet Amazon requirements


Our professional inspectors can ensure that your goods comply with FBA requirements. In addition, they will inspect and handle relevant goods according to your requirements. We will issue professional test reports for customers and promptly and effectively dispose of unqualified goods so as to ensure schedule delivery progress.

Return cargos

Our value added service center in Los Angeles, USA accepts return cargos from Amazon platform before sales or after sales. We can check, count, put away, repackage, label, deliver to Amazon again or any other address and even dispose of the returned goods according to your decision.

We provide goods inspection, Amazon labeling and palletizing according to Amazon's requirements to ensure that the goods comply with regulations and avoid any shipping problems.

Assembly set

If your goods need to be sold in sets before sale, or need to be sold after installing components, our value added service center in Los Angeles, USA can provide this service for you.