FBA Air freight+Express


Delivery mode: Air way + express


We provide Air Freight plus express delivery mode which is applicable to the seller who has 

replenishment orders.


We are partners with leading airlines, serving more than 200 countries and 20,000 destinations.


Our express service is covering all Amazon fulfillment centers in USA, Canada, UK, Germany and Japan.


Prohibited items: refer to items that pose a threat to personal safety during transportation. 

Such as acidic substances, biochemical products, toxic substances, narcotics, fertilizers 

gasoline, liquids, paint, radioactive biomass, etc.


Please provide specific cargo details like description of commodity, quantity, dimension of 

each package and grows weight to us for confirmation



Fastest mode of transportation


Applicable to

Goods of small batches and timely replenished in any FBA warehouse

Goods need to meet air freight and express delivery requirements