Overseas warehouse

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Our function

Order Fulfillment by Leaping Ape Logistics warehouse is an outsourcing warehouse service that integrates purchase management, warehouse management, order management, inventory management and logistics distribution management with our own advanced WMS system.

The sellers only need to store the goods in our overseas warehouses, we will complete all logistics operations such as warehousing, quality inspection, put away, inventory management, order receiving, order sorting, order review, multi-channel delivery and so on, easily realizing one-stop logistics warehousing and sales.


Short term storage your goods in Leaping Ape Logistics warehouse. It will solve the problem that the goods cannot be put into Amazon warehouse for storage, and the sales chain of the hot-selling goods is broken due to insufficient stocking. You can choose our warehouse as your temporary storage place, we can provide sorting and labelling service for you after you create Amazon order successfully, then we will send your goods to the designated Amazon warehouse in batches.

The new path of Temporary storage & Batch outbound can effectively alleviate a series of problems caused by Amazon's restriction on create orders. We are ensuring your goods supply while improving efficiency, the new mode will strive to be the best partner for cross-border sellers.


Our advantage

·       Lead-time commitment: Put away in 2 working days. Out of stock in 24 hours

·       Focus on medium and large products which cover home furniture, home textiles, sports equipment and so on.

·       Professional warehouse service team

·       Visual order management system, checking real-time inventory anytime, anywhere


Warehouse Locations